Friday, October 23, 2009

Rules rule

Thursday 10/22: Changed orientation to "landscape" to eventually make way for a D-pad in the lower left. Made texture mipmapping optional (only used on the ground now). Implemented some more rules: out of bounds, can't pick up the disc if the other team has possession. Camera can now optionally follow AI players.

Friday 10/23: Changed the shape of "in" cuts. AI no longer throws it to out-of-bounds players. Added a global timer class to handle all the timer events. Added a stall count. Added a backhand animation.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Many small improvements

Tuesday 10/20: Reworked the AI instruction system. Now each player has their own instruction queue. That allows me to add in a "freeze" instruction on the fly after marking to make the player wait a second before getting into defensive position. Also reworked (again) the way the AI chooses throwing targets. Now it basically will throw it to anyone that's open.

Wednesday 10/21: Added texture mipmapping (makes the field look better in the distance). Angled the stack based on the disc position. Added a "turnover"when the disc hits the ground. AI will stop throwing motion if the target becomes no longer open.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Defense is hard

Thursday 10/15: Added a "Defense" object to coordinate defensive matchups and other defensive strategies. Added simple defensive positioning logic. Added another team with white jerseys.

Friday 10/16: Added a little delayed reaction to defense. Created a marking pose and put it into a marking action.

Monday 10/17: Improved how the AI picks a throwing target (will now check for obstacles and even the position of the mark). Added floating player names (mostly to help with debugging). Added a "setup cut" instruction that positions the player in relation to the disc before cutting.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting closer to playing real Ultimate...

Thursday 10/8: Don't really remember...
Friday 10/9: Added a red circle around your player's feet, so that you can tell who you're controlling.
Monday 10/12: Qualified for Nationals. I get a day off.
Tuesday 10/13: Allow locations to be specified relative to the disc, and also introduced endzone directions into the AI, so that it can move downfield to try to score.
Wednesday 10/14: Added team objects to coordinate information about the players in an 'offense'. Eventually it will have team names, colors, defensive information, score, etc... Camera angle also respects endzone direction.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ok, now it looks like me

Friday 10/2: Lying awake thursday night, I had an epiphany. The next day I recoded most of the AI system with the concept of "Offense" objects that allows each player to know exactly what the others are thinking. Got 12 players to work together in an attack drill.

Monday 10/5: Looked for ways to improve performance. Started messing around with the model format and rendering code.

Tuesday 10/6: Finished implementing indexed vertices (11 FPS -> 16FPS) and triangle strips (16FPS -> 18FPS). Started reducing the polygon count of the model.

Wednesday 10/7: Reduced the poly count from 1770 to 1000. With 12 players, that's 9240 fewer polygons. 18FPS->22FPS. Turned off some lighting. 22FPS -> 30FPS. Seems pretty good. Also, I figured out how to use projection painting to make a good model texture out of my source image.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wednesday 9/30: Someone was nice enough to line the field. Yay!

Thursday 10/1: Nicer looking field. It also stretches off into the distance. AI scripts now use XML, which allows more complexity like 'situational' groups of instructions that only run if the player is in a certain position, for example. Made a model cache. Got AI players to run a simple attack drill. (Continuously! Yes!)